No wifi card detected in HA installation in NUC

Very good to everyone. This is my first message in this forum and the first thing is to thank everyone.

I had HA on an rpi 3 working, but it has completely died and I have installed HA on a NUC that I had not used much. At first I have installed it as VM Virtualbox in Ubuntu and I managed to install everything, including the internal WIFI card (which saw it without problems) that I use to connect to the Inverter that I have since I use the HACS Huawey Solar integration from Github. But since it was going a bit slow and I don’t know why it didn’t let me install Zigbee devices for more turns than I’ve given it, I’ve installed it as OS according to the installation method indicated by Home Assistant with Balena Etcher and leave it dedicated.

All good, it starts, I start the configuration and for now it’s fine but I don’t know how to make it see the WIFI card. I have installed SSH terminal and SSH/WEB terminal (needed to install HACS) and reading web pages about how to install the wifi card they say you have to put an nmcli radio command in the terminal plus a few others, but that command doesn’t work for me. It appears, it tells me NOT FOUND and I don’t know how you can make it see the WIFI card. I have read somewhere that in the terminal you have to disable the protection and I have done so, but in other cases it says that you have to put a username and password but I don’t know how to do it. In system, Network, only the ethernet appears (which I already configured).

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. To say that my level of LINUX is sooooo medium, I defend myself based on cut/paste although I understand something. I would send all the logs and captures that were necessary, of course.

Again, many thanks to everyone.