Node-Red command to turn off/on Fully Kiosk screen

Hi all,

I was trying to do an automation to turn on a wall tablet when a sensor detects movements using the Fully Kiosk app, but I’ve not been able to do it.

For now I managed that from an NFC tag the tab opens a specific URL, but not the turn on / off screen. I searched on the forum and internet and I have not find anything. Could anyone help me?

Maybe is a command issue, I tried to use the “Call a Service” with the command ScreenOff.


Go to dev tools in HA go to the services tab and find the service call for fully kiosked browser. Run the command there, if it doesn’t shut the screen off from there, the problem is not in node red.

Did you manage to get his working?

You can use the Fully REST API.

Enable Remote Admin in the Fully Browser Settings and call “http://ip-address:2323//?cmd=screenOn&password=[pass]” with the Node Red “http request” Node.

Best regards Dirk

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help! I’ll try with the last code that you shared, but in the meantime I found an alternative and more easy way.

I found that inside the hacs fullykiosk integration, the integration has created several sensors, one of them is a fake bulb that is the screen. Once I noticed that, The automation is very simple, as it’s a simple turn on, off or toggle the light.

The URL code seems interesting, but still I need to test it.

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Hi, could you please share your http request node configuration please? Does the password need to be surrounded by [ … ] ? I’d very much appreciate

Hi, could you please share your http request node configuration please? Does the password need to be surrounded by [ … ] ? I’d very much appreciate

no brackets around the Password and no quotes around the URL. You can try the URL in a Browser before entering it in a http request Node. Don’t forget enabling “Remote Admin” in the Fully Browser Settings.

Best regards Dirk

I’d really appreciate if you could share a screenshot of the config. My problem is I have like 10 devices in my network labeled as “UNKNOWN” and one of them is my fully kiosk tablet. I’ve tried with all 10 but I haven’t been able to get it working and I’m not sure if it’s the IP or some other thing I’m doing wrong. Checking out your config would narrow down my chances of making a mistake.

Thanks in advanced

Hi obaldius,
a screenshot won’t help if you do not know you tablet’s IP address.
You can find the IP Adress either in the very bottom of the fully browser side- bar, the Android WiFi Settings, your Router Webinterface or using the arp-a command in the terminal.

Best regards Dirk


I’m not at home, but to know the IP for the fullykiosk it’s very simple. Just open the app in your device:

  • go to settings
  • select remote administration (plus)
  • see the correct ip in remote admin from local network

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot, that did it.

Excuse me @Stockfisch. I managed to get it working. It takes somewhere around 10 seconds to turn the screen on though. Are you experiencing this delay?


To turn the screen on and off try with the screen saver commands instead


I’m using the
command with almost no delay.

Is your device WiFi ON all time at screen off?

Br, Dirk

My screen is always on. I’ve been using the screensaveroff command and it delays like 10 seconds. I also get the same delay when I acces http://kiosk-ip:2323 wihtout commands so I’m guessing it has to do with my old kindle fire tablet? Anyways, thanks a lot for your help.

Hi all,

I confirm that also with the command code also works, but for the use that I’m doing, I prefer the HACS integration, as I’m using the old tablet as a kitchen tablet for recipes. I have an NFC tag reader and once is checking the tag with the recipe it turns on the tablet and opens a specific website that I created for this use. Also the Google Home of the kitchen says the information out loud.

The only issue is that the fullykiosk app is not allowing me to enter Home Assistant from the tablet due to a webview error that I don’t know how to solve, but for the recipes it works great.

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You must use switch - turn_off - tablet_screen_Saver