Node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 control devices?

Hello everybody,

i hope i am correct with my question here or someone can help me.
I installed the node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 and linked my amazon account.
I also get it via node that the respective Echo devices are displayed and I can also start a voice output on the devices.
I saw that you can also drag an “Alexa Smarthome” object into a flow. However, it shows no devices for me.
Can I basically control the smart home devices via Alexa with this module?
I also have to constantly reinitialize (every few hours). It is very annoying. Is it possible to change this somehow?
Or do I have to enter my login data instead of using the proxy method?

Thank you very much for your help


No one can help me? Sorry for the noob question…

Hi Deifel, open the ‘Alexa Routine’ node and on the right of the empty ‘Devices’ box there should be three stacked lines (the hamburger!) - click it. Also you can change the ‘initialize’ behaviour to use a local cookie instead of re-authorizing every time. Start here for more info

Thank you for your help. Will test that today. Can you possibly also tell me whether I can use it to call up and control the existing devices? I am unfortunately not shown any devices at Smarthome Discover. I go e.g. on “Speak”, then I can select my echoes. But nowhere else can I find the other devices like Sonos etc. to choose from.

Thank you very much

It shows a list of your Alexa app ‘routines’ that you can trigger or choose a device under ‘Smarthome’. Or you can expose a switch/entity to Alexa by the using a script/automation (scene) in HA.
Not sure about Sonos, try under ‘music’ ; )