I’m running 0.84.6


Also to get more debug information for the logs you can start node-red with DEBUG=home-assistant* node-red.


ignore. No idea how I fixed it, but it is working now.

In the process of moving HA to a linux box running on my network and installing NR on a rPi. HA is working fine, and NR is up and running. I installed the Node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket, and am attempting to connect to HA with no luck. I enter the HA instance ip address and put in the long lived access token, but I get an error message of “can’t get entities”. I’m running the latest version of NR on latest version of raspbian (no docker or anything). I have the v10.15.0 of node.js. I am running HassOs on the Linux box (Mint), and version 0.84.6 of HA.

One thing that might be going on is that Hass has the NR addon installed. I tried stopping it, and connecting the rPi but that didn’t work. Should I uninstall the addon? Or is there some other issue?


Hi all. New here, had a good read but…

I’m struggling to get the call service node to send the data I am inputting into it to home assistant.

To clarify the system is working as it should afaik. I just can’t get the node to output the data.

I’m trying to get it to call climate.set_temperature with a temperature. I’m sending the required temperature to the node from a thermostat node. The msg.payload is just a number

The debug from the thermostat is:

13/01/2019, 23:25:53node: Living room temperature set point.

target : msg : Object


topic: “target”

payload: 18.29

qos: 0

retain: false

_msgid: “f242126d.2f46c”

The debug from the call service node is:

13/01/2019, 23:25:54node: 38f8212b.381b56

target : msg : Object


topic: “target”

payload: object

domain: “climate”

service: “set_temperature”

data: object

entity_id: “climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_heating_1”

temperature: “”

qos: 0

retain: false

_msgid: “f242126d.2f46c”

So, in short. How do I get the 18.29 from the thermostat between the “” of the call service output?

Sorry if this is simple and I’m sure it’s very obvious but I’m struggling.



Need to set the temperature in the data field



Thanks. It works now. I was using {“temperature”:"{{msg.payload}}"}

I also noticed I was using an old version of the node.


Not sure what I did but my debug in Node-Red is now filled with

"Home assistant connection failed with error: Connection to home assistant could not be established with config: <password redacted>"

for each variant of the URL I tried… ie 4-5 messages keep spamming in the debug even if I remove the connection, uninstall the contrib etc… anyone know how I can remove it?


This error message isn’t from this fork it’s from one of the other two make sure you own have only one installed.


If you have command line access:

$ cd ~/.node-red
$ npm uninstall node-red-contrib-home-assistant
$ npm uninstall node-red-contrib-home-assistant-llat
# restart node-red


New Release v0.6.0

New Features

  • The call-service node autocomplete for entity_id now handles multiple entities

  • The properties field of a trigger-state node now has autocomplete

  • Added a new comparator, ‘in group’, to the get-entities node

  • Get-history node can use a relative time string for its date fields


  • A more verbose error message for the autocomplete error when the server config hasn’t been deployed

  • More informative error message for the call-service node when there’s an API error


  • Change the connect timeout for users so it doesn’t bombard the proxy when attempting to connect. (#76)


  • HomeAssistant object updated before firing state_change event (#74)

  • Fixed HTTP API so it returns an empty string and not the response object when is empty.



Ooooh, “in group”, thank you very much!


I’m struggling with relative time for the get history node. Even entering the example of “20 minutes” gives me the following output.

"value" must be a number of milliseconds or valid date string


Fix released in v0.6.1


Thanks. It’s working well. That’s a great change which means I can remove function nodes that I was using calculate the time 60 seconds ago :slight_smile:


Looks like the server-state-changed node flag Output Initially / On Deploy doesn’t trigger when only doing a partial Deploy like Modified Flows or Modified Nodes even when that node is within a modified flow or is a modified node.


Yes. I haven’t had a chance to look into it but you can follow its progress below.


Hi, curious question, is this only to be used with hassio? I’m trying to set this up with duckdns and https and I’m getting a message that says invalid format of base URL: Undefined. is anyone else experiencing this?


There’s a hassio addon that allows this to work with hassio but this is a stand alone package that works with Node-RED. Sounds like you don’t have anything in the Base URL field.


New Release v0.7.0

Bug Fixes

  • Added a check for valid server (66d8daf)

  • Fix for nodes to trigger on deploy (8205236), closes #80

  • trigger-state: Fix to show the correct properties for constraints (62e22fa)


  • current-state: Added customizable outputs for state and entity (0a51c5d)

  • event-state: Added “Only output on state change” (0707d72)

  • wait-until: New ‘Wait Until’ Node (6717972), closes #82

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event-state: Added “Only output on state change” (0707d72)

does that eliminate the need for an RBE node after the event node?