Node-Red dashboard switch import it back to hassio


I have Node-Red configured in Hassio for my shutters. I can’t control the stop function in hassio, but found out a way to do it in Node-Red. Now I want to move the switches created in N-R to show up in my lovelace configuration in Hassio. I’m using the IFrame feature in hassio to show the N-R dashboard. But that is not a solid sollution as I have noticed. After restart the dashboard is not shown untill I open the N-R dashboard in a browser.

Does anybody know how to import the switches created in N-R to Hassio, So I can use them as a binary_sensor or some other kind of switch.


A binary sensor is not a switch, and node red and home assistant are 2 completely different things. There’s no way that I know of to “import” your frontend from NR to HA

Hi, thanx for the answer. I have it on my lovelace dashboard, but with iframe. Everytime I restart I need to go to the NR dashboard from a laptop and then it will load the iframe again. Very annoying. I was hoping for a better integrations back to lovelace. :grin:

Well, Node Red is a completely different application. LOL. Unless it was designed with Lovelace in mind, it’s not going to be a “better” integration. You’re using it differently than, pretty much everyone else.

I don’t really see why you couldn’t do this with Home Assistant.

Create a button in HA (input boolean, or mqtt switch) and use that state to run your functions over on Node Red. Then you have a very simple design on HA that does what you want.

Haha, lol. Thinking out of the box. Mostly using it for automation. But the stop function for my blinds was the only way to do it in NR. These are brel motor and searched the internet for integration. I can control up/down, but no stop. So looking for other ways. This is one of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I saw that in Ariela the iframe card comes back right away, but in the new HA companion app for Android it doesn’t.

I will check your other advice, hope it helps. Thanx.

I would create some buttons/switches in HA and use their states to control the motors from Node Red.

I have done that, but there is no programming the stop function for these blinds as thay are not recognized as blinds in ha. So I only have ‘on’ and ‘off’ functions.i want to be able to control them to stop when I want. Maybe put a sensor to control it to stop midway when the sun is on that side. :slight_smile:

It seems you’re ignoring the words I’m typing. If node red can control them, MAKE A BUTTON/SWITCH IN HA AND USE THE STATE OF THAT BUTTON/SWITCH IN NODE RED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT.

HA doesn’t have to recognize anything. It just needs to be a button/switch. You can make your own buttons/switches using input Boolean or MQTT switches.

I don’t understand why you’re not groking that.

I’m gonne try that, but I was just explaining what I was searching for before I have asked here and you have replied. Still learning as we go.

Maybe I’m not as smart or a slower learner as you.

But thanx for the input, much appreciated.