Node red dead after update <edit> NOT THE UPDATE

I did the Node-Red update this morning and the result is:


Any quick fixes or do I have to restore to last night’s backup?

I used this to get mine running the first time. I had no problem with today’s update

Thanks. I thought I was making progress when I saw that my login credentials were erased in the add-on configuration:


So, I put them back in, restarted the add-on, and… same 502 problem. I went to make sure of the login credentials, and they were blank again.

I re-entered the config data again and this time they remained. But, still a 502 error.

I did a restore to yesterday’s full backup, and still Node Red is a 502 error.

Any more tips?

Panic time is over.

After fixing the issue, I installed the update and Node Red 14.0.3 works fine.

The log file showed a problem in my settings.js file. When I fixed that and restarted the add-on, everything is working again.

I had added a setting recommended by someone on the Node-Red forum. I restarted Home Assistant and no errors appeared, and Node-Red functioned as expected.

The problem presented when I upgraded Node-Red (14.0.2 updated to version 14.0.3). Does restarting Home Assistant not restart the add-ons? I am wondering now if I would have seen this problem earlier if I had restarted the add-on?