Node Red Debug Node complete msg log to file in HA addon

Hi, in less than 5 hours I need to capture a complete logging of a few nodes in node red and at that time I want to be a sleep. I have googled around and found two options… of which the 1st doesn’t work (wont install):


and the second I do not know how to use that and I cannot find any relevant information about it…

Can anyone help me to completely log the output on a file from a debug node with full msg object in the node red addon of homeassistant?

Thank you!

Outputting to a file node doesn’t work?


What will be the location of that file in my addon?

The path that is defined in my post creates a file in www named call_service_errors.txt you can make it whatever you like

Getting somewhere… :-). But how do I edit get the complete msg? It now only write the payload (on).


edit: let me try a change node

Edit2: cant get it working… some help please :slight_smile:

I think the concrete question is how to add the entire “object” into the payload

The node you are connecting it to the output options at the bottom of the node, set msg payload to the desired information. Sounds like you want entity or event data.


I want to capture all output of a bigtimer node. This is what it looks like at the debud full msg object:

Thus i would like to get the “entire” object (all msg’s)
And I do not know if this list is complete, thus i would like to capture the entire object

Where is that coming from, post the node that give that output?

[{"id":"f24cf4c260183e3b","type":"bigtimer","z":"fa5d903e.753e1","outtopic":"","outpayload1":"on","outpayload2":"","name":"Weekenddays 8:30 + 15m random","comment":"","lat":"52.377956","lon":" 4.897070","starttime":"510","endtime":"5000","starttime2":0,"endtime2":0,"startoff":"15","endoff":0,"startoff2":0,"endoff2":0,"offs":0,"outtext1":"","outtext2":"","timeout":1440,"sun":true,"mon":false,"tue":false,"wed":false,"thu":false,"fri":false,"sat":true,"jan":true,"feb":true,"mar":true,"apr":true,"may":true,"jun":true,"jul":true,"aug":true,"sep":true,"oct":true,"nov":true,"dec":true,"day1":0,"month1":0,"day2":0,"month2":0,"day3":0,"month3":0,"day4":0,"month4":0,"day5":0,"month5":0,"day6":0,"month6":0,"day7":0,"month7":0,"day8":0,"month8":0,"day9":0,"month9":0,"day10":0,"month10":0,"day11":0,"month11":0,"day12":0,"month12":0,"d1":0,"w1":0,"d2":0,"w2":0,"d3":0,"w3":0,"d4":0,"w4":0,"d5":0,"w5":0,"d6":0,"w6":0,"xday1":0,"xmonth1":0,"xday2":0,"xmonth2":0,"xday3":0,"xmonth3":0,"xday4":0,"xmonth4":0,"xday5":0,"xmonth5":0,"xday6":0,"xmonth6":0,"xday7":"","xmonth7":"","xday8":"","xmonth8":"","xday9":"","xmonth9":"","xday10":"","xmonth10":"","xday11":"","xmonth11":"","xday12":"","xmonth12":"","xd1":0,"xw1":0,"xd2":0,"xw2":0,"xd3":0,"xw3":0,"xd4":0,"xw4":0,"xd5":0,"xw5":0,"xd6":0,"xw6":0,"suspend":false,"random":false,"randon1":true,"randoff1":false,"randon2":false,"randoff2":false,"repeat":false,"atstart":false,"odd":false,"even":false,"x":800,"y":1700,"wires":[["f40235c1c0f95978"],[],[]]},{"id":"b94dc215586ea849","type":"inject","z":"fa5d903e.753e1","name":"","props":[{"p":"payload"},{"p":"topic","vt":"str"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"topic":"","payload":"on","payloadType":"str","x":510,"y":1700,"wires":[["f24cf4c260183e3b"]]},{"id":"f40235c1c0f95978","type":"debug","z":"fa5d903e.753e1","name":"debug 4","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"true","targetType":"full","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":1100,"y":1680,"wires":[]}]

That comes through every second? I don’t use big timer, but likely a join node should be able to combine all the messages. It’s set to send after a second. If they come every second. You will need to use msg count, set the total # of messages in the join node accordingly.

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No it comes out only on given time (or by manually override like I added the on inject node)

edit: it “should” come out only on given time but thats what I want to troubleshoot, because it sometimes comes out at 0:00 unwanted

So the one second delay will work fine then.

EDIT: sorry, it does work, I was wrong

Thanks! Will let yo know if it worked (the night)

Funny, I was just looking for a similar thing but was wondering if it’s possible to write something to the HA logs / logbook - this might suffice but if anyone knows how to do that it would be helpful!

In the meantime I’ve just tried this:

and it doesn’t seem to get the whole object - for example I just tried it (as a test) on an inject
and it gives {"payload":1661169226354,"topic":""} in the txt document

But the complete object also has a message ID

msg : Object
_msgid: "86a9ec9aadeee7be"
payload: 1661169226354
topic: ""

This doesn’t matter in this test case, but if there are other things I’m going to possibly miss in future then that might be an issue - any ideas why it doesn’t give that?

It worked after a few days, perfect!

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yes the answer is

Ah okay - missed that. Thanks!