Node Red HTTP, not getting it

I believe I should be able to create a simple pair of HTTP nodes, an in node with URL “/derp” and an empty response node, and then I should be able to go to and get a blank page. That’s not working.

According to updates I should be able to do this out of the box with default settings. I’m on NR 5.0.3 and the port is on the default 1880. I use duckdns for Hassio of course.

Remove /endpoint (unless you have that specified in your http_in node) and it should work.


I think he uses /endpoint because of what’s stated on the second note here

Ahhhh, yeah. I didn’t see he was using hassio. Derp on my part. :frowning:

Hassio uses /endpoint, but I did try as well.

Here’s the screenshot of me using /endpoint/derp in Postman. Do I have to do something with the port to expose it? Since I’m using duckdns, local IP is no longer a valid way to access HA at all. I bet if I turned that off it would work. But I need that, so I won’t.

EDIT: Adding a screenshot of mah nodes