Node-red Light attributes

Hi All,
I previously had Ikea gateway integration set up, however because i want to use the lights and sockets as relays for my sensors i am trying to move to a complete setup direct in home assistant. Currently i have everything paired with ZHA, using Node-Red i can feedback to Alexa the state of the sensors and switches. The on/off of lights work also, however i am struggling to get brightness/colourtemperature to send back to Alexa.
When i check current state i see on/off. If i change from 50% to 100% the current state node does not seem to update. How can i monitor the changes to light attributes and then also be able to return to Alexa brightness/colour/temperature? (also with brightness struggling to convert brightness to brightness_pct back to Alexa, Alexa sends % but the attributes for light only give brightness out of 255)

My on/off return looks like

 if (msg.payload == "ON"||msg.payload == "on") {
            return { "payload" : { "state" : { "power" : "ON" } }, "acknowledge" : true };
        else if (msg.payload == "OFF"||msg.payload == "off") {
            return { "payload" : { "state" : { "power" : "OFF" } }, "acknowledge" : true };

I am trying to get to;
brightness_pct: 0-100,
colorHue: 0-360,
colorTemperature: 0-10000