Node-red - not all domains listed under call-service node?


I am new to node-red, but have a moderately functioning NR/HA integration. One aspect is bugging me though, and hopefully someone can let me know if I just need to deal with it, or if I am missing something.

I have a home AC unit that has an existing HA integration. Within HA, it’s element name is ‘climate.office_ac’, and is fully handled by HA correctly.

Within NR, I can add a call-service node, and if I look at the list of domains, I see domains for basically everything except ‘climate’. Are these domains pulled dynamically from HA, or are they embedded within node-red-contrib-home-assistant and this is simply a domain that the dev hasn’t encountered/included?

If the latter, how practical would it be to get this added? It looks like I can manually fudge the call-service node, but being able to use the built-in guidance that is available for the other domains.

Any thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:


It calls the ha api to fetch the domains and their respective service

You should be able to check the HA api if is returning correctly the climate domain, i don’t use it, so it could be a bug.

The HA node hasn’t been updated in a while and the developer apparently isn’t responding. Before you go further deep, you can try this more active maintained fork

I haven’t switch there yet, because of the amount of nodes i currently have. Apparently you have to recreate most of them

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Excellent, I will look into that immediately - I only have a few nodes, so using the alternative palette won’t be a big deal for me.

With regards to testing the api, should I be able to call http:///homeassistant/services and get a json dump of available services, or is there more to it than that? If I try the above, I get a 404. I actually updated to HA 0.77.1 yesterday, and I have a suspicion that the domain appeared correctly before that, but this isn’t 100% as I wasn’t specifically looking to work with that domain at the time.

Thanks for responding so quickly (and with detailed information) :slight_smile:

I ran into the same issue today on a relatively fresh installation of Home Assistant + the default Node-RED addon (hassio-addons/addon-node-red):

The switch domain was missing in the HA call service node.

Once I used Node-REDs pallette manager to update the node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket library to the current version (v0.21.5 as of writing), the switch domain rightly was available in the domains drop-down of the call service node.