Node-Red Notify iphone api error after new iphone

Hi there,

I have a very easy logic to send notification on two iphones, my wife’s and mine. I did change my phone recently.
The notify service has an API error when trying to send the message to my iphone, the same notify works on my wife’s iphone.
I did check in the integration and my phone is showing up there, as a matter of fact I can even send a notification to it from the developer tools.
What can be the problem? Is there a way to clean up data about my old and the new iphone and have it be discovered again? What shall I try?

This doesn’t work:

This works, but Object:Object is displayed on my phone instead of the real message:

Sometimes when doing replacements of devices it is a good idea to actually restart the NodeRed addon in order to make sure it gets a new fresh list of devices.

For fixing the the second example try setting the data to only { msg.payload }