NodeRed Discord attachment service call

Hi there

I am trying to do a service call for an attachment to my discord bot

I am not sure how to do it. The normal home assistant service call works but how would one do it via node red?

- service: notify.discord
    message: "A message from Home Assistant"
    target: ["1234567890", "0987654321"]
      - "config/www/test.jpg"

I trying to figure out the same thing. There is a discordSendMessage node. But with my little node red experience, I can’t get it to fire a message to discord when an event is triggered.

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I actually managed to do it
Used the discord-send-messages node
I basically used a function node with a payload before the discord-send-messages node that looks like this

msg.payload = {"name":"test","file":"/config/www/test.jpg"}
return msg;
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Ahhh I see, my msg payload was not formatted like that. I figured out a different way as well. Went with redbot discord out node. The flow looks like this: