NodeRed trigger vs events nodes

What exactly is the difference between these two nodes, given my current context for using them? For whatever reason, the events node doesn’t work here even though I’m following the same pattern I use elsewhere.

On the outputs of the trigger and event nodes: can you connect debug nodes and tell us what you see in the debug log?

Suggestion for the event state node: at the if statement change the type to boolean and use ‘true’ instead of ‘on’. Does that help?

Events node doesn’t output at all (here, in this flow), while the trigger node has a string payload of “on”.

Bool with true didn’t do anything. I really thought that would work.

Too bad.
Other things you can try:

  • restart NodeRed
  • delete event node and recreate a new event node
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Huh. Deleting the node and making a new one that was identical worked. Who would’ve thought?

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