Nodes appear dead after device has been placed elsewhere

I yesterday paired my nano dimmer switches to HA via my Aeotech USB stick and it worked fine. Then the electrician has removed them from where they were yesterday to new locations in the house and then he has had the power cut for some time during today. Then today when I look at HA I get a lot of dead probes/nodes. But should a relocation of a nano dimmer and power cut off really result in the nodes dying? Is it perhaps the z wave mesh/network that thinks their are dead because they are now in a different place of the house and therefore the “jumps” between the devices to get to the reallocated devices is now different?

I would really like NOT to dismantle my frontplate switches to get to the devices each time the power might go off.

If you move a zwave device you need to run a heal network so the controller knows the new location.

Once openzwave fails to communicate with a node after a few tries, it marks the node as dead. I think once it is marked as dead, there is no attempt to communicate with it again until the network is restarted.

Also, any moving of the nodes invalidates the network map, and a heal must be run to rebuild it.

Zwave advertising implies that a zwave network is some kind of advanced mesh technology that is dynamic and fault tolerant. It isn’t, not by a long shot.

Thanks for your replies - a heal did the job :slight_smile: