Noob question on Z-wave pooling and home assistant


I do have a very noob question…
I just ordered a Zwave stick from aeotec. the intention is to have some PIR and a siren to build an alarm system.
I was reading the Z-wave component on HA and realized the pooling time.
So the question i have is: if i set the pooling time to (lets say) 60 secs, and someone open a door (monitored by a Zwave sensor) exactly 1 sec after the controller just pooling that sensor, what will happen?
I am guessing that 3 things could happen:

  1. the sensor change states too fast for the controller (meaning either I open and close the door) so after 60 secs, the controller will pull the sensor again and will found the door closed. so no alarm (or changed state) will happen. (BTW could be the same with PIR (move in and out between pooling time, therefore seen nothing in between).
  2. the situation 1 will happen, BUT the sensor will keep a memory that “something” changed between pooling, and in the next pooling request, it will “raise” the exception (or change of state, whatever). (this could be true for both PIR and door sensor?)
  3. the sensor will send a message to the controller instantly, so it will not wait for the next pooling cycle.

can someone educate me what would happen? or i got it all wrong?



Polling is kind of a backup for devices that don;t report state after a change is made to them outside of Home Assistant - an example would be a ZWave lightswitch being manually activated. Some switches report this strainght back some after a delay and some never. For the last class, HA will eventually poll them after up to 60 seconds and realize they are on and update its state accordingly.

However, components such as motion sensors or door switches would be pretty useless if they worked that way so they will generally push an immediate notification to HA, so the polling is irrelevant - i.e. option 3 in your list.

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thank you sir!

I understand and this makes a lot of sense.

thank you again!


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