Noobish: Configure Z-Wave Switch with OZWCP

Perhaps this should be obvious, but I am not seeing it at all. I have installed an Enerwave ZWN-RSM-1 and according to the instructions I need to set Parameter Number 3 to enable the switch to broadcast it’s state when I toggle it locally (at least that’s what I think).

Digging around, this seems to be easiest to do with OZWCP. So I have installed it, my switch does indeed show up on the web interface… but now I have no clue how to proceed changing the configuration parameter. Feeling pretty stupid right now, can someone please walk me through this?

EDIT: Looks like I need to create a configuration file for my switch, as it is apparently not in the database I downloaded along with openzwave? Will keep on looking and possibly create my own configuration file, but would welcome any shortcuts or pointers.

any luck on this?

Yes… bottom line is that despite what the instructions say, that switch did not actually support configuration command class. Ergo it did not support the so called “unsolicited report” (aka instant status). It was a pretty annoying process getting to the bottom of this, including some frustrating exchanges with enerwaves tech support which finally resulted in them sending me the dual relay version of the switch (which does behave as documented. )

I didn’t read your original message right and hadn’t even noticed that. I was just trying to get the think to attach to the network correctly. I finally got it working through wink. I don’t know if they fixed something or not, but it does update HA now. It’s slow but that may be attributed to going through wink for updates, or it could not be working and just waiting on a polling cycle or something. But I can live with that for now.