Nost able to see energy costs


Been trying to resolve an ongoing issue with no luck, so looking for some advice.

I’m using this integration to pull in data from my smart meter -

Its successfully pulling in daily and yearly kWh figures, as well as the tariff.

If I check the Energy dashboard, its showing electricity usage as expected. However its not showing anything for the cost. Here’s yesterday as an example:

I’ve tried using the tariff entity as well as hard coding it, but no difference.

I’ve had this running for a month or so and no change in that time. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Just in case anyone runs into a similar issue, I did manage to resolve it.

I discovered that in the Statistics screen (under Developer Tools), the unit for the energy entity was listed as having changed. I deleted the historic stats using the “Fix Now” button and from that point costs were reported as expected. Easy fix, once you know where to look…