Not able to enter entity ID anymore in tiles in web UI

Suddenly I’m not able to select any entity ID in the tiles in node-RED web UI anymore.
It is not auto filling anymore and not showing options to chose.
It did work before.

I did restart the Raspberry end restart node-RED no result.

I did try copy and past but getting this error at the flow

What to do?

It looks like or node-RED has no conection anymore with HA or is not recognizing the ID’s anymore.
I did change the ID names today.

EDIT: I did remove one entity en repaired it without changing the Original names. Still not possible to enter the entity ID in node-RED

EDIT2: the connection to te HA server was corrupted.
I removed node-RED inclusive the node-red directory at config and resinstalled node-red again.
It is up and running again