Not discovering Wifi devices (only Zigbee)

Hi, newbie just installed HA and easily discovered Zigbee (then moved to Zigbee2MQTT). But none of my wifi (mostly Tuya) were discovered. The only other devices that were discovered automatically were Chromecast devices. Could my router be the problem?

Did you install the Tuya integration ?

Yes, but like with the Zigbee devices, I’m gradually disconnecting them from the Tuya platform and connecting directly via Zigbee2MQTT, and would like to use the wifi devices in the same way, without Tuya.

For Wifi devices, in HACS there is local tuya

I will take a look, thanks. Still wondering why wifi devices not discovered, also have a Yeelight bulb.

Not all Wifi devices are created equal. Wifi devices flashed with Tasmota or EspHome will be discovered, Tuya not so much.

It also depends on how your network is put together. If you have VLANs, and the devices are on a different network than your HA server, they may not be discovered. A lot of this stuff is discoverable via broadcast, and broadcast traffic does not cross network boundaries.