Not seeing HassOS 3.4 or 3.5 as upgrade options

I’m running HA on a Pi3. HassIO is current at 188, but HassOS seems to be stuck at 2.12, even though GitHub shows 3.5 as the latest release.

core-ssh:~# hassio hassos info
board: rpi3
version: "2.12"
version_cli: "14"
version_cli_latest: "14"
version_latest: "2.12"

Any thoughts?

2.12 is the latest stable release. If you want to update to any of the pre-releases, you will need to update with the .raucb file

Thanks, I missed the (RC) designation. I just saw Latest-Release.

What is the typical timeframe for RC to be marked as stable?

Not sure what to do now. HassOS 3.6 is out. Do I update or will it drop back to 2.12?