Notepad++ crashed while saving my configuration file; can I restore the version Home Assistant has loaded?

So, I was making some changes to my configuration file, when Notepad++ locked up on me and crashed. When I reopened it, it prompted me to reload the changes to the configuration file from disk – except now my configuration is completely empty. I’m running Hass on a Raspberry Pi, and connecting to it over a network drive from my Windows laptop.

Thankfully, Hass is still running (for now). Is there any way I can restore the configuration file Hass has already loaded? Or somehow re-create my configuration file based on what Hass thinks it should look like?

Take a look at your temp folder,


Nope, nothing. Not even any folder in Temp that starts with scp. Notepad++ wasn’t configured to automatically back up either (for some reason), so there’s nothing in the Notepad++ folder. I get the feeling it would need to be solved on the Raspberry Pi end of things, not the Windows side. :frowning:

Try a search on your computer for configuration.yaml, there should be a temp file somewhere.

The version on the PI should be OK as all changes made on the laptop are kept there until you try to save it, so it’s probably the local windows file that’s empty, try ‘tailing’ or 'more’ing the configuration.yaml on the pi to see if it’s OK (from an ssh window).

Mine are in …