Notification based on temperature trend

I’ve read through the other topics and I didn’t see one like this.

Looking to have a notification fire off when the temperature has stopped trending downwards and is starting to head back up (for at least 30 mins). Right now I open all the windows at night and when I wake up in the morning I want to know as soon as the temperature outside starts trending upwards so I can shut all the windows. I’ve got a reliable aquara zigbee monitor outside that I’m watching for the temperature and trend.

An added bonus would be during the evening, a notification when the outside temperature is the same as the inside temperature (and dropping below) so I know to open up the windows.

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the trend binary sensor should do it:

Interesting…I’ll have to read up on that. It does seem to be what I’m looking for

Hi. I’m looking to do the same thing. Mind sharing what you did?

Thanks in advance

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Curious in what you came up with. Can you share your automation?

Actually I never ended up trying this