Notification entities and alert integration

Banging my head a bit on that one.

I want to use the MQTT Notify platform as a notifier of an alert.
I understand that we are migrating towards entities and that not everything is there, yet, but I’d just want to confirm that you cannot use notify entities with alerts, yet.

Any suggestions for a workaround?

Actually, this is already a workaround (X-Y problem, I know the drill) :wink:
I actually want to use a siren as a notify target, so basically having a notification that toggles a switch.

My workaround would be to publish to mqtt, then have an automation subscribing and activating the siren. A tad cumbersome but fine for me.

Any other idea welcome.

I had that idea to use a command-line notifier, which still uses the “old way”, afaict.
But then is there a way to do a MQTT pub from inside the HA container?



I imagined a workaround through a command-line notifier executing a curl triggering a webhook automation.

Quite cumbersome, so simpler ideas are welcome

  - notify:
      name: Tuya Siren 01 old
      command: >
        curl -X POST http://localhost:8123/api/webhook/siren-alert-foobar