Notification not working

Can somebody help me to understand why this notification with alexa media is not working?

    - service: notify.alexa_media
          - media_player.sonos_stereo
          type: tts
          message: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.allarme_meteo_abruzzo', 'headline')}}, {{state_attr('binary_sensor.allarme_meteo_abruzzo', 'description')}}, {{state_attr('binary_sensor.allarme_meteo_abruzzo', 'instruction')}}"

Possibly it’s because you missed the number one rule of templating. Depends on what you mean by not working though.

Yes, you’re right as i was using data in place of data_template.
Thanks for the hints…
EDIT: sorry, still not working also using data_template… not working means i get no notification on the media_player.sonos_stereo device…