Notification to mobile_app isn't working

First automation I have created, so apologies in advanced if I have a basic error.

“Home” and “Away” match exactly (case sensitive) to the regions I have. No events (trigger) are firing and no notification is being recieved on the mobile_app.

configuration.yaml includes:

automation: !include automations.yaml


# Notify wife on mobile phone app when husband arrives home

  platform: state
  entity_id: device_tracker.pixel
  from: 'Away'
  to: 'Home'
  service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_2_xl
    message: 'Husband has just arrived home'

The entity ID’s are correct:

 cat ./homeassistant/.storage/core.entity_registry | grep entit | grep pixel
                "entity_id": "device_tracker.pixel",
                "entity_id": "device_tracker.pixel_2_xl",
                "entity_id": "sensor.pixel_2_xl_battery_level",
                "entity_id": "sensor.pixel_2_xl_wifi_connection",
                "entity_id": "sensor.pixel_2_xl_geocoded_location",

If I go to Developer tools, select service “notify.mobile_app_pixel” or “notify.mobile_app_pixel_2_xl” and issue the following JSON, the notification appears on the mobile_app.

title: "FYI"
message: "Husband has just arrived home"
 image: /local/config/www/image.jpg

Lovelace and the “Person” entity tracks and show the movement correctly of the person (Husband in this instance).

Any ideas what might be broken?

If I go to Automations in HASS.IO, It’s not showing any automations? Maybe the YAML is fine but something else is broken?

automation 0
Last triggered: Never

The state displayed in the frontend isn’t necessarily the actual state for the entity. Check for the actual states at Developer Tools > States. Away is not_home and Home is home.

Also make sure to reload automations at Configuration > Server Controls once you create a new automation or edit an existing one. Btw, you’re missing an alias: in that automation which is a required key, so if you reload automations with it in its current state it will fail. A config check would tell you that.