Notification when solar panels are down

I’m looking for a solution to have a notification on my phone when my solar panels are not working.
It has happen a few times and everytime we are away from home that the fuse of our solar system is turned off. This happens when there is a lot of electricity given back to the public net, their system can’t handle it and I’ve heard that it happens that the fuses of the systems in the homes turns off. But I didn’t notice this so it was off for 3 days. I have a P1 meter but I was thinking if I could tell HA if there is 0 power generated between 1pm and 5pm it should give me a notification.
Most of the time there is always a little bit power generation so this would help me to follow this up. Thanks

Depending on the sensors you have available, this should be quite easy. Just set up an automation with a numeric state below 1 between 1pm and 5pm and have it send you a notification.

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I’ve a somewhat similar intermittent problem and this is what I do

Automation checks generation vs Solcast Forecast for this Hour and if under a value it notifies me on Telegram. (It also checks if after sunrise but that’s prob overkill).

alias: Notify on Solar Generation Dropping to Zero
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - sensor.solarman_generation_power  ##My Solar Generation Sensor
    to: "0"
  - condition: sun
    after: sunrise
    before: sunset
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.solcast_pv_forecast_forecast_this_hour ## Solcast Forecast to tell me how much Solar to expect now (or as near to now as I have)
    above: 1000
  - service: notify.telegram
      title: Solar Generation Alert!
      message: >-
        Solar Generation is {{ states('sensor.solarman_generation_power') }} kW.
        Forecast this hour is for {{
        states('sensor.solcast_pv_forecast_forecast_this_hour') }} kW.
mode: single

Thank you, I’ve tried this too same lik you write here but the problem is the P1 export generation is the overall power exported, so this value will never go below 1 anymore.

Thank you, the problem is I have SMA Sunnyboy with only bluetooth available and I already tried to add a BT dongle in HA but can’t get it working. Anyone having a solution would be great.
I already tried it with PVoutput add-on but there is no sensor with a current value. Your tip is great and I would copy it and edit it with my available sensors/add-ons.