Notifications announced, but there are none

Since I experimented with notifications I now have an issue. HA tells me
Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-23 um 16.16.47
But when I open them it says

Are there invisible notifications?

Just force close and restart the app (or refresh the browser). Happens to me somewhat frequently, not sure why it doesn’t always refresh correctly on its own.

Well, restarting was my first attempt, but these won’t go away.

Not home assistant. Your web browser or mobile app.

Uhm, I’m not on mobile, but indeed when I open HA on chrome it does not show the notification counter. Seems being s bug…

Which was why I said

It depends on what you were using, which you did not tell us.

Great so clearing the cache / restarting the browser fixed it. Please mark the post suggesting this as the solution.

That will leave it as a hidden bug, though it’s just a minor issue. Cheers