Notify.alexa_media to my phone?

I use notify.alexa_media to make an announcement to the alexa devices around the house. (For example when the dryer is finished). I have the Alexa App on my phone and it works like any Alexa device. I can make announcements, control any entity that any Alexa device in the house can control. Is there a way to send an notify.alexa_media to my phone?

If you use push as method, you will get a notification on all mobile devices that have the Alexa app installed.

The only reference I could find for push notification was notify.notify which in the forum history notify.notify always seems controversial. And it didn’t work.

I would use except that my phone doesn’t appear in the dropdown. In fact the only phone that does appear is an Android phone that I haven’t used for months.

Is there another way to do a push that I haven’t found?

I think you still call one of your notify.alexa_media services, but change the type… it’s been a while since I played with it, so I’m not 100% sure it still works. I found its lack a specificity annoying, especially since the companion app can do TTS on Android.

- service: notify.alexa_media_YOUR_ECHO
    message: Test
      type: push

As I said, my phone does not appear in the alexa_media list of devices. This works fine through any of my Echo devices and the only phone in the drop down list is one that I stopped using months ago.

IIRC, the devices don’t show up. You call the service on one of your non-mobile devices, but the mobile devices play the notification if you use the push type…

It’s as Drew said. Don’t know what it is like on Android devices, on IOS you get a notification on your screen. You cannot really tap on/open it, so the message should be short.

Still working fine. I’m using it in multiple automations.

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