Notify.html5 / pywebpush broken due to openssl 1.1


it seem pywebpush which is used by notify.html5 component no longer works if:

  1. openssl 1.1
  2. pyelliptic 1.5.7+

furthermore, pyelliptic is deprecated and no longer supported.
they did a “fix” for openssl 1.1 by removing ECC support (needed by pywebpush) in the last 1.5.8

my current hack is to keep 1.5.7 and hardcode the path by compatible openssl 1.0 lib.

i changed in ~/hass/deps/pyelliptic/
#libname = ctypes.util.find_library(‘crypto’)
libname = “/usr/lib/”

Not a long term solution though.
Anyone else have any good ideas?

this will probably be fixed in pywebpush according to

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