Notify service cannot be found

I use pushbullet for notifications, generally worked well until home assistant nonifications stopped about a week ago - although pushbullet itself still works fine.
Looking into the services developer tool showed the problem: my service called notify.PUSHBULL was gone, in fact there was no notify. xxxx service listed at all, (although notify is still on my list of loaded components). Very strange!

  - platform: pushbullet
    name: pushbull
    api_key: etcetcetc

I tried giving my notifier a lower case name in config.yaml
I tried taking out and puting back in the notify component in config.yaml
I tried a fresh api key
Note this is not an issue with the recent update - same problem before and after I updated to HA 0.86

Im out of ideas for things to try - has anyone got any suggestions regarding what has happened to my notify service?

Best regards