Notify to mqtt

Does anyone knows if a notify target could be defined to notify via the mqtt.publish service?
I need to define notify target to publish a playload to a mqtt topic. Any idea?

Why don’t you publish to a dedicated topic to which only that specific target is subcribed to?

My question is how I define a notify target like this:

  - platform: tts
    name: in_the_living_room
    tts_service: tts.google_say
    media_player: media_player.living_room

With that config I could call a service to notify.in_the_living_room.
I need to do the same with notify.xxxxx to a mqtt topic.

My response was on mqtt. I’m not familiar with tts.

I’m also interested in this. I would like to be able to send notifications via an MQTT topic without having to “publish” or do anything complicated every time. The “Notify” capability is neat especially when used with Alerts