Notify with action

Hello, iam new here

I have a question, i like an action on the tab, for now it is not working


msg.payload =
“data”: {
“message”: msg.garageDoor,
“data”: {
“push”: {
“badge”: 6,
“category”: “garage1”
“initial_state”: true,
“trigger”: {
“platform”: “event”,
“event_type”: “ios.notification_action_fired”,
“event_data”: null,
“actionName”: “CLOSE_GARAGE”
“action”: {
“service”: “switch.turn_on”,
“entity_id”: “input_boolean.garage_deur_dicht”
“attachment”: {
“url”: msg.image,
“content-type”: “jpeg”,
“hide-thumbnail”: false
return msg;



Kind regards


That’s not how it works. Once you press the action you need to listen to the ha event bus for the action. From there you can execute actions in ha, thus nodered. Read the docs again.
I have an example of this in nodered but I am not in my pc now