Nuki installation & compatibility


I am considering buying a Nuki smart lock, but I am unclear from their installation videos and FAQ’s if my lock is compatible. It has a bar from the turnkey that is about 9 millimeter thick that goes across where the Nuki would be installed, instead of a flat surface that all the installation videos have. Has anyone done this installation and seen the hardware and have a view to if this would be compatible and work ?

I am attaching a picture of the lock for reference.

Here’s mine, which looks similar.

I had a Nuki on this for a while and it worked fine. If your door is like mine and you have to push the handle up before you lock it, this is not ideal - you will be able to unlock the door remotely, but not lock it.

I don’t know if the locks have changed, but with mine you had to take the knob off and get a (free) plastic collar to fit around the spindle so that the Nuki could grip it.

But as long as I lift the handle every time I close the door, I think it’s fine, only issue would if the door is closed without doing the handle lift motion (unless i’m missing something).

  • Where did you get the plastic collar from, did it come with the Nuki ?

  • What made you remove the Nuki, the handle problem ?

Thanks for your help

Yes, that’s what I did - you get into the habit very quickly.

The plastic collar came from Nuki - there were different colours depending on the make of lock. It was free - you had to tick a box when you were ordering. You could change the lock cylinder, of course - they sell a “universal cylinder” so that you can leave they key in on the inside (as you know, the Nuki is designed to grip the key). There’s a help article about it here.

The motor on mine failed after about 18 months. I think Nuki would have replaced it, but I decided that although it was great fun it was a bit over-engineered. A simple sensor to show whether the door was locked would have been enough for my purposes. Haven’t found one yet. :roll_eyes: