Nvidia Shield status doesn't update

Frequently I’m watching something and it reports at paused or some other status that isn’t “playing”. This means all of my automations that check for this status do not work.

Is this something that can be fixed?

I am having this same problem in the last few days, I wonder if it is the most recent update?

I was using the Google Cast integration. I am now using the Android Debug Bridge integration instead.

I am also using the debug bridge now and I got this all working again however, with the bridge there is quite a bit of delay on the lights reacting to the state change in the 3-5 second range which is annoying.

Beats never!

Did you mess with the custom state detection stuff? If so, can you share it here?

I did not, I just created automation for when the Shield is Idle/Paused/Playing for the lights and again it works but there is a slight delay.