NWS Device State Attribute Code for TTS script

Hello. This is my first time posting, and I would greatly appreciate any help for a new user. I’m trying to figure out the YAML code for a certain state from the Nation Weather Service integration. Below is a screenshot of the States in Developer Tools. I’m trying to find the code for the state of the first forecast day, so I can create a morning alarm to read off the weather with TTS to my good mini speaker.

I partially figured it out. The below script works Template editor in Developer Tools. How do I get this to work in a TTS script to say the attribute (which is several sentences for a weather forecast)?

{{state_attr(‘weather.ktul_daynight’, ‘forecast’)[0][‘detailed_description’]}}

I figured it out. See code below:

service: tts.google_translate_say
entity_id: media_player.speaker_master_music_group
  message: |
    '"{{state_attr('weather.ktul_daynight', 'forecast')[0]['detailed_description']}}"'