NWS Integration expose "apparentTemperature" from the API

The NWS integration provides entities for “windChill” and “heatIndex” which are useful. However the “apparentTemperature” entity which is available via the NWS API in the raw forecast call is not accessible currently. It’s would certainly round out the integration and provide a useful data point for display cards. Please consider adding “apparentTemperature” to the exported entities via the integration. Thank you for the consideration.


The API endpoint used in HA for forecasts does not include these values. The more detailed forecast endpoint lacks a clear method to provide a weather condition that HA uses as a primary value in the forecast. It may be possible to combine the data, but one BIG downside is that we would then require successful calls to both endpoints and the NWS servers are always dropping requests randomly throughout the day.

I see that a second set of calls would need to be made to gather this data point. After a bunch of data modeling, the forecast data for apparent temp is a bit wonky and doesn’t follow current actual temp close enough so is mostly an edge use case.

Perhaps expose an entity that does the logic between wind chill and heat index to provide a useful current observation data point? Saves having to setup a template sensor in yaml to calculate. Otherwise please consider the request closed. Thanks.