Octopus Agile combined with predicted solar panel energy

Hi guys,

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I have a query, to see if anyone has managed to already set this up, and its something that I’m only just thinking about…

So, we have 3.5Kwh solar panels, and am currently on Octopus Agile. We don’t have batteries (yet).

I was wondering if anyone uses BottlecapDave’s HACS integration, and has it setup to check expected solar production over the day, combines this with the Agile tarrifs to determine when is the best time to, automate the turning on of dishwashers, washing machines, car chargers etc?


I am interested in this too. I have a 2 year electricity price fix ending soon, I already use Agile Export and looking to switch to Agile import. I’ve already integrated my Alpha ESS inverter and battery and EV charger and I plan to integrate the solar hot water diverter too. Looking at least to import to the battery and charge the EV any time the price goes negative, to top up the hot water at the cheapest price if it costs less than using heating oil, and to export from the battery at peak times if the export price is high enough and tomorrow’s solar forecast indicates that the battery will still reach 100%.

What’s the best integration for importing Agile day ahead prices?