Octopus Energy API "blocked" but all others OK

I’ve been using HA in a Hyper-V environment for 12+ months and the Octopus API integration to pull back rates, etc. Earlier this week this just suddenly stopped working and it seems there is just a constant timeout to the api.octopus.energy URL.

In Terminal, running a curl https://api.octopus.energy fails now with a timeout, yet all other website queries via curl work, so it’s just that particular URL that fails.

Works from all other devices on the network, so it’s got to be something that’s happened in the Hyper-V VM / HA config that affected it but I’m at a loss to find out what. I’m going to try to re-build a new VM to try to restore to that to see what happens but I’d love to figure out why on single API call would now fail from the HA platform and all others work fine.

System has Tuya, modbus, and 4-5 other internal and external API systems all working fine, just anything to octopus.energy times out. DNS is OK, IP’s are correct and trying to use the IP’s fails too.

Have you tried pulling via curl outside of HA? Could be its just down.

It was working everywhere BUT in HA. Last night though, it all suddenly started working again in HA after about 3 days of not working, but with no changes anywhere so this is fixed, but I have no idea how or why as I changed nothing before it failed or before it got fixed :frowning: