Octopus - Utility Meter Help

I’m using Octopus Energy with an Octopus Home Mini.

I’m trying to configure a sensor to show my current Gas meter reading in m3.

I’ve setup a Utility Meter helper, using the Octopus Energy Previous Accumulative Consumption (m3) as the input sensor.

However, the values for the utility meter are far exceeding the real values.

What it looks like is that instead of adding the previous accumulative consumption to the utility meter once a day, it seems to be adding it every 30 minutes.

So, for example, instead of the meter changing from 5119 yesterday to 5122 today, it’s changed to 5249 (a delta of +139 compared to the actual delta of +3).

Any ideas how to fix this, or to setup a utility meter that doesn’t suffer the same result?

My end goal here is to get a regular reading of my gas utility meter so that I can then feed it into the Tado for it’s Energy IQ feature.


Could it be this that’s causing it. FAQ - Home Assistant Octopus Energy

I’m looking to do the same as you, so if you do work it out please share and I’ll do the same if I can get it going.

Ironically, since I posted they have added a total consumption reading to the Octopus integration (Current Total Consumption m3).

This didn’t quite match the reading my smart meter was reporting, so I’ve setup an input _number helper with the delta (+25 in my case) and then created a template sensor to add the two.

So far this seems to be tracking what my IHD says.