Odd behaviour with Person badge

Hi all,

First post here. Been using HASSio for the last week and am loving it so far. I’ve run into one problem which I can for the life of me fix though: My partner and I both have our iPhones connected to HASS and at first it seemed to be working as expected until I noticed that when I click on my Person badge, my name is there but the associated device tracker is her iPhone rather than mine. If I slide to refresh the page on the iOS app, the device tracker instantly changes to my device as it should be but as within no time, it reverts to showing her iphone as being the device tracker for my ‘Person.’

I’ve tried deleting all devices, restarting HASS, uninstalling and reinstalling both of our iPhone’s apps then adding just my iPhone which looked promising at first but as soon as her iPhone is added, it hijacks my Person and Geocoded location.

Anyone got any idea what’s going on here?

Have you tried going into the person/user config part? You might need to create a separate user account for her.

Thanks for the reply. Yep, I tried that a couple of nights ago but it didn’t make a difference. As soon as she went out to the shops, her device tracker took over my person and showed both of us as being away despite me being home.

Sounds like a race condition of some sort…
I don’t use person at all, just device_tracker. Mind sharing a screenshot of the person config for you and her?

Here it is. I don’t see the Person badge or details for her phone at all anywhere which is maybe a bit odd in itself.

Sorry, I mean go to the configuration settings, and choose Person. (/config/person)

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Holy ****! There was a duplicate entry for both of our iPhones there! I think you’ve got it; i hadn’t even thought to look in there. Thank you!