Odd Issue with Tuya AC Triggered At Unit

I have a Honeywell AC unit that I have in my dayroom. I utilize Generic Thermostat due to this issue.

I have a house keeper that cleans the top of the unit and it appears if the unit is off and she triggers it on at the unit, it will constantly run and never stop running. Home Assistant never reports the unit as running so the unit basically just runs and runs until someone notices.

Is there a good method to sync the status of the unit to the Generic Thermostat created? I think I’m getting a little lost in how or why the unit isn’t showing as running. Home Assistant never shows the unit running until I cut the unit off manually (or using the Tuya app, which does show it running).

There may be a solution but there is a slight problem.

Sadly we’re not mind readers (any more anyway, not after the last time we tried). Please share the YAML and any errors so we can see what you’ve done.