Odd problem trying to pair Smart Zigbee MR16 Bulbs. ZHA

I am trying to change my 12 volt front garden lighting to use colour changing Smart Bulbs, so I bought some Benexmart MR16 Zigbee Bulbs.

Initially I had big problems pairing them, even when I moved one to within 3 metres of the Coordinator. So I bought a couple of Smart Things plugs and can now connect to 3 of the 4 bulbs currently installed. The 4th I cannot get to connect for love nor money. I have tried a couple of different bulbs to ensure that they are not faulty, with no difference. The odd thing is that it is 1 meter nearer the Smart Things plug and than a light that is is working correctly, both less than 4 metres from the plug in direct, uninterrupted line of sight.

All the working bulbs have connected via the Smart Plug and themselves act as routers. I am using ZHA with a Conbee 2 on a 1 metre USB extension, the Zigbee network is small with 9 devices 3
of which are battery powered.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have not heard of this manufacturer before but have a couple of suggestions for you …

Thanks Jonah,

On your first point, they are not on the Database, but 3 of the 4 connected as eWeLights and are working OK so I don’t think that that is the issue.

Excellent second point it gives me the excuse to get and learn to use a Multimeter. Pro-tem I will swap out another light fitting, when it stops raining.

Just to wrap this up, after swapping out bulbs, light fittings, trying to pair multiple times I have now come to the conclusion that the probability is that 3 out of the 6 bulbs I ordered are faulty.