Odroid M1 / CasaOS - HA on an RV

Looking for hardware recommendations to run HA in my RV:

  • low power consumption
  • would like to run plex media server outside HA which suggests I need to run HA in a docker container with plex alongside HA (thinking better/easier to keep media library outside HA??)?
  • prefer HA supervised for add-in support

Been looking at Odroid M1, Zimaboard, CasaOS but not clear if all of the above boxes get checked. I’m at 6/10 on this so be nice.

Planning Victron for solar controllers and shunts and will use Esphome & 8266 to integrate into HA.UI will be android head unit running an HA client. Will eventually work my way into tank monitoring, simple security system, OBD logging in Influx (sprinter diesel - super cool but needs lots of love). Any links to other RV setups much appreciated!

Basically, forget HA supervised if you want to do anything else than HA on that box.
Then, you can basically choose any x86/64 / aarch64 box with proper specs for Plex. HA in docker runs on any, and is just a detail vs. something like a plex server, resource-wise.

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