Odroid N2+ new stock - Installation failes

Just received my new ODROID N2+ (NOT the Blue version)
Came with Ubuntu installed on the 128Gb eMMC card. This runs fine.

Flashed hassos_odroid-n2-5.12 on the eMMC card with the USB3.0 to eMMC Reader and balenaEtcher v1.5.116. Flashed ok, no errors. (Also tried with OTG-USB)

After boot i get an HDMI audio error. then after root login, a kernel panic.
(When no HDMI monitor is attached HAS wil not start either, no ip will be assigned in router)

Runs the latest Petitboot version, dev.20201222

Already opened an issue (1268)

Any suggestions?

You could use one of these, inexpensive gizmo’s. To fake an attached monitor.

Should it not just work with an HDMI monitor attached?
I don’t think the kernel panic is because of the HDMI monitor.
Home Assistant should be working on a headless computer.

Yes, you are correct.
My head was elsewhere.

Got it working with the development build haos_odroid-n2-6.0.dev20210317.img.xz
Waiting for the stable 6.0 version.

Thanks to Stefan Agner for pointing me in the right direction.