Odroid N2+ not being assigned an IP address


So I have a new isp and connected the router to the odroid n2 via the ethernet cable. Its not being assigned an ip address. No idea what’s going on.

It was working perfectly fine. All other ethernet connected devices seem to be connected just fine. But odroid running home assistant is the only not being shown in the network and assigned a ip address.

And ideas if there is a manual way to this? Or what could be causing this.


Have your tried switching ports to one that you know work?

I’ve tried all ports of the router. It’s not the router i think, since those ports work fine for other devices so they must work for odroid too…

Do you know if I have to mess around with subnetting mask stuff

Are the other devices you connect to the router set-top boxes? My ISP only has internet on one port but the three others are for tv-related devices. Are you connecting straight into the isp-provided router or your own?

My own router. But my own router worked previously too. I just switched Internet provider.

So I have a new modem given by the new provider. Everything else is the same. All other devices moved across just fine. It’s just the odroid which doesn’t wana move across

If you have your own router with dhcp enabled the isp change should not matter. Make sure you are putting the isp supplied router in bridge mode to avoid double NAT. Try connecting a screen and keyboard to the odroid and see what’s going on.

Maybe when installing the new modem the ethernet cable was either unplugged or broken? Did you test the cable? Loose contacts could happen too when you look at the thing you changed for the cause.

Can double Nat affect this?
I thought it was just voip calling which is affected.

I also connected the odriod directly to the router supplied by the isp. It still does not work.

Yup tried with about 3 cables :slight_smile:
Not to be however.

I swear it’s gona turn out to be small thing in the end

If you have two dhcp servers on your network, depending on how you have connected it all, it could cause problems yes. If your odroid gets an IP in a totally different subnet than the rest of your devices you can not reach it. If you want your services available from the outside double NAT is not something you want.

Start by connecting a screen and see what IP the odroid reports.

I see where you’re getting at. I have the isp router and my own router connected together to increase range. But I’ve turned off the isp routers access point and wifi.

I’ll try connecting the screen.

It would be helpful if you did an explanation / drawing of your network, I can’t quite figure out how you have set it up. It should be like this:

ISP router (bridge mode) → Your router → your devices

Its isp router => my router => all devices.

My isp router cannot go in modem mode.

What router do you have? You could depending on the model use your own router as an access point, extending the coverage of the wifi on your isp router. Not sure if you can plug devices in to your own router if it’s in AP mode though.

What ISP is it?

The router wifi / AP setup is different than the dhcp. If there are two dhcp issuing devices on your network it is very likely one of them is providing an address to your odroid that is not expected. Is it also possible the odroid has a fixed static address that is un expected to the subnet of your new router?

The isp is sky and the router is sr203.

I did connect the odroid directly to the sky router and it still didn’t work. So no double nat problems

Fixed static address could be a possibility on the odroid. If it is, then how do I remove the static address from the odroid and use a new one given by the dhcp

I knew it would be a simple thing in the end.
Turns out I had static ip set up for the odroid.

Do not be stupid like me! Make the ip automatic before switching over to a new isp or router.

Thanks for the helps guys

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