Offer. Cloud, security, remote access

Hey everyone!

After reading some topics with remote access issues I really can’t understand why developers don’t want to use cloud for remote access. It seems to me, that is great to have easy set up remote access.
There even is already HA cloud for GA and Alexa. I would be happy to pay some price for having that. And it would be easier to get 2 or more different accounts (me, mom, bro…).
Of course, who is able to get all ports right and be safe can use there way for no price, but even in my situations, I just can not make right settings on my router (have to buy another because of one issue).

I am not really deep in all this stuff, so I may miss a lot of things. Just want this theme to be discussed.

Right now the cloud fee doesn’t make sense as my Alexa stuff all runs run locally; and I need to take the pain and suffering to secure HA anyhow for the IOS app to get access to the API.

If this requirement went away it would make it well worthwhile; so if the iOS app simply used the cloud connection already in place to communicate life would be wonderful…

HA could live without anything open to the internet.

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Maybe it is possible to do thing like homekit do? To have some device at home and connect to him? Remote acces should be in smart home system, but existed ways are too crutchy (don’t know if I say that correct). I mean, they are not elegant, fine, good. Too geeky.
And not working with my router!