Official Sonoff - states not updating without manual intervention via web interface

I have the official sonoff github repo app installed and a few wall switches loaded into home assistant. I have some automations setup so that when a wireless ikea switch is turned on then an ikea lamp turns on but it also triggers my 3 gang sonoff wall switch to turn on so its in sync with the on/off state. I also have an automation set to run so when a wall switch is turned on it turns on the lamp. This works fine within home assistant (on the GUI) but when i physcially go to the wall switch and turn it on my lamp isn’t turning on.

I’ve ironed this down to being the state not updating on the ewelink repo app without manually pressing the circular refresh button within that web app page. How can i add that ewelink refresh button to the end of an automation so the state updates.

The circular refresh button im referring to is below, top right hilighted in yellow: