Okta logins


I was wondering if there were any existing integrations using okta? Since all the apis in HA are in pypi, I can’t simply just search the source code of HA. Any feedback would be appreciated.


If you are asking if you can login to HA through Okta/Oauth2, no.
If you are asking something else, please clarify your question.

I was talking about having the backend log into okta. i.e. where something from homeassistant/components or from one of the api packages in pypi that they call logs into okta.

Once again, I assume you talk oauth2, here, because “log into okta” doesn’t mean much as such.


No, that’s not what I meant.

Here’s a diagram:

HA → python integration in core/homeassistant/components → pypi package(s) which actually fetch the data.

I’m asking if any of the existing python integrations call a python package which logs into okta to retrieve its data (i.e. the rightmost part).