Old power entity from Shelly" to new power entity "Homewizzard"

Hi there,

I am with current version core 2024.6.4 and operating system 12.4, and I would like to replace the currently used entities from my shelly to new entites from my HomeWizard P1 meter without loosing history.

The currently used entities from my Shelly are :

shellypro3em-c8f09e879cec phase a total active energy
→ used as what is taken from the grid
shellypro3em-c8f09e879cec phase a total active returned energy
→ used as what is returned to the grid
shellypro3em-c8f09e879cec phase b total active returned energy
→ used as what is produced by the solar panels

… and I now have a P1 meter which I would like to use for my energy graph, but I am wondering, at least not clear to me, if it provides the same information …

Is someone using the HomeWizard P1 meter for the Energy graph ?

If I want to replace the old entities by the home wizard ones witohut loosing the data, what should I do ?

Many thanks !!

I do not own the HomeWizard dongle but a similar device. A P1 meter generally does not return solar production. This needs to come from the inverter, or a power meter connected to the Solar production cables, before they connect to the grid.

The P1 meter only provides grid consumption and return to grid (solar production minus home use). The entities should be pretty obvious, and should have kWh units.

As to keeping the history of the old meter in the dashbard: the only way I know (there may be ways I am not aware of) is to keep the old entities in the dashboard and add the new ones. BUT, before you do that: that is assuming one stops measuring and the other starts providing information afterward. If both keep measuring, you’ll have double values in the sashboard.

But I get the feeling the shelly will keep measuring, especially if it currently has the solar production you need. But the question is: is it really solar production? Because from your description, I get the feeling it might also be the return to grid, and in that case you do not have solar production. It all depends on how the shelly is connected.

Does your solar inverter have an integration?

To get back to keeping dashboard history when switching: there may be a way if you can rename entities without rebooting in between, but I’m not sure. So some one else should advise on that who has experience.

Thank you … I co firm both units can measure my solar production …

The Shelly Pro 3 EM third clamp is on my sar inverter returned cable.

The Homewizard P1 meter is connected on the grid powermeter where you are correct the solar priduction itself is not present (only what is used by the ho.e or returned back to the Grid BUT I have the subscription where the P1 is connected to my SMA so knowing the raw peiduction …

As far as I know the subscription to solar is without the need for any installation. so that implies a cloud connection with all major inverter systems to get the data in the app. The data is not in the P1 meter or in the P1 monitoring device connected to the P1 port.

The HomeWizard integration is local polling, so I assume polling the monitoring device. I would be very surprised if it also has the solar data, which I think is provided to the app only, using cloud. If the integration were cloud, things would be different.

But as I said, I do not own the device, I’m just looking at the info and inferring how I think it works. I may be wrong. But reading the integration documentation, my reasoning is substantiated: there is no mention of solar production, just import/export.