On wall switch with 3 light bulbs

I have 1 regular wall switch that lights 3 different regular light bulbs.
If I’ll replace the 3 regular bulbs with 3 z-wave bulbs,
will I be able to control each of them separately?

Yes, as long as you don’t turn them off via the regular wall switch.
If the bulbs aren’t powered, they are not reachable via zwave.

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I have a problem adding oomi light bulb.
It is in the database, but device is not recognized:

I would try re-interviewing the device. Something went wrong with the initial interview because the Node Ready status is “No”, and it thinks the bulb is asleep. The bulb should never be asleep because it’s mains-powered, and it won’t be recognized in HA until it’s ready.

After a few re-interviewing and some restarts, it is now recognized.